Forgive Me Father : June cocktail din dins with Merit Badge by courtney sproule

This June we’re holding a spirited celebration of our fathers with craft cocktail caterers Merit Badge!

On Fathers' Day we’ll be serving brunch with cocktails designed for dad, projecting Stallone, crankin Cat Stevens, and playing artsy mini golf.

Make your rezzo with Courtney at 971.544.1350 or

Sunday, June 15th
Fathers’ Day brunch
we are taking reservations any time
between 10am and 3pm for an à la carte menu


We also will be hosting a fatherly cocktail din din the prior evening:

Saturday, June 14th
Forgive Me Father din din : cocktail dinner party
7:30pm, by reservation
$45 plus gratuity for a cocktail reception &
family style dinner with table wines & beer

We’ll mingle over tastes of three cocktails by Merit Badge and then sit to a lighthearted dinner of passed family-style plates and wines & beer for the table. Menu coming soon-- in the meantime make your rezzo  wth Courtney at 971.544.1350 or

MAY DAY m'aidez! by courtney sproule

dinners saturday MAY 10 & friday MAY 23
MOTHERS' DAY brunch sunday MAY 11


For this month's MAY DAY din dins, we'll be stringing flowers from our ceiling and May pole ribbons from our columns.  

We also wanted to do something special for moms, as May is the month of Mothers' Day. The mothers in my family are always given baskets of flowers on Mothers' Day, and I happen to know two ladies who make the most stunning baskets and arrangements I've seen.

Florist Hilary Horvath will be arranging flowers in the hand-women baskets of Modern Artifact's Keia Booker.  Hilary is also offering these May Day-inspired flower crowns.

We can have these waiting at the table for your mom on Mothers' Day brunch or at the MAY DAY din dins-- just make the purchase with your rezzo: 

flower baskets, $40 plus flowers (baskets pictured on bottom) 
vase shape basket, with arranged flowers 
cup shape basket, with potted flowers

flower crowns, $25 (pictured on top)

dinners on Saturday, May 10 & Friday, May 23 at 7:30pm 
$85 plus grautity for six courses & pairings 

à la carte brunch menu on Mothers’ Day, Sunday May 11th
we're taking brunch reservations from 10am to 3pm

Make your rezzo with Courtney at or 971.544.1350

The dinner menu will be something like:

carrot chip with wild onion mousse & shoots
pain d’épices with rosemary ham, honey & fresh sheep’s milk cheese
pastis royal   

chilled sunchoke soupe & savory salmon tartare
Corsican white   

hazelnut oil-dressed sorrel with beets, pink peppercorn & nasturtium leaf
Corsican rosé

rib roast with green garlic purée and beurre Jurançon
Corsican rouge

Alpine cheese & macerated strawberry

chocolate Chartreuse tart
yellow Chartreuse

Jeu de Vie! by courtney sproule

friday MARCH 14
saturday MARCH 15
friday MARCH 21
saturday MARCH 22

For the next month, we offer you evenings with that certain jeu de vivre.  Artists Joey Edwards and Alisha Sullivan are dressing our tables and walls in les jeux—games—of life.  They are games without rules or mandate—play as you wish or don’t play at all. 
Our menu’s joie de vivre stems from the emergence of spring.  The familiar foods of winter will be leavened with the curious green and purple shoots and tendrils just now peaking their way through the soil.  As the month progresses, we’ll have more and more of these spring things to play with:

liver mousse on pain d’épices with corn shoot & pastis candied kumquat

smoked mussels in green garlic velouté with strawberry nettle pesto

fern en meurette: fiddlehead, yellowfeet mushroom, lardon & spring onion with poached egg

peas & roe risotto

leg of lamb with sorrel salsa verde and turnip ricotta gratin

white balsamic dressed cresses with brandied cherry

rhubarb lily consommé with sheep’s cheese ice cream and hazelnut baby lemon balm tuile

The seven course menu is $85 plus gratuity, inclusive of wine pairings.
We are hosting the jeu de vivre din din :
Friday & Saturday March 14th & 15th
Friday & Saturday March 21st & 22nd
Each evening begins at 7:30pm. 
Contact us to make your rezzo at 971.544.1350 or