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Be din din’s Valentine?

photo of Marie Antoinette

photo by Tim Gunther

This year marks the fourth annual sexy Valentine’s din dins! In addition to an evening on Valentine’s Day proper in Portland, we will also be hosting a weekend Valentine’s dinner in Hood River with Sakura Ridge Farm & Lodge and neighboring Phelps Creek Vineyards.

Sakura Ridge is a stunning bed & breakfast– if I weren’t hosting this event, I would already be booked up there! They are also an organic farm, and will be lending unparalleled lamb, cherries, and pears to our menu. Phelps Creek is located just down the hill, so the pairings with Sakura Ridge ingredients are effortless, and the wine is the best I’ve had in the Gorge.

If you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend, we hope you can join us at Sakura Ridge on Saturday, February 11th. It would be a bummer to drive back to Portland afterwards– I’d book a room now as they only have five! Sakura Ridge guests will wake up to a lovely Sunday breakfast by Deanna, followed by a complimentary barrel tasting and winery tour at Phelps Creek for all dinner guests.

The Portland dinner will be held on Valentine’s Day proper, which is a Tuesday this year. It will be at the Little Church (NE 23rd and just north of Alberta), the dear venue where we held the rabbit din dins last April.

This year, sexy to us means Italian– which means a visceral, unbridled menu & evening (with plenty of surprises) and Armani and Gucci-clad servers and cooks. Here’s what’s sounding sexy to us now:

pastis-candied persimmon, bresola, and lemon crema on pinenut cracker
orchiette and mussels with saffron cream, Acri Scrivi pepper, and late-harvest Treviso
Sakura Ridge lamb carpaccio and endive leaves in grappa yogurt dressing with anchovy & caper
braised short rib in romesco broth with fingerling potato and soft-poached duck egg
white balsamic-dressed gem lettuces with olive-oil-preserved chanterelle
zabaglione-filled cannoli
(At Sakura Ridge, I’ll also be peppering in their exquisite pears and dried cherries.)

As we always say, singles and couples are both very welcome– bring a date or just hope to get lucky with someone at your table!

Saturday, February 11th
Sakura Ridge Farm & Lodge, Hood River
$85 + gratuity for five courses & wine pairings
Make your dinner rezzo with Courtney at 971-544-1350 or
Book your room at (additional lodging options at
Tuesday, February 14th
The Little Church, Portland
5138 NE 23rd Avenue (1 block north of Alberta)
$85 + gratuity for five courses & wine pairings
Make your rezzo with Courtney at 971-544-1350 or

We look forward to sharing the holiday!
–courtney & din din

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